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The My Mechanic Story

Ask Rick Guttman, founder of the Houston based enterprise My Mechanic, what sets his company apart and he’ll tell you directly, “We do car repair better than anybody else. Day in and day out we fix all the cars in our shops and when we say you need a repair, a part, a service…you need it. When we quote you a price, it’s a fair price, not a come on price and moreover, we stand behind our work.”

An automotive repair company trusted by its customers is a claim few operations can boast. But when you can back your word with the only one-of-its-kind 18-month/18,000 mile warranty on service and repairs, and assure your customers that they are getting original equipment or equivalent parts with every repair, trust comes easily.

Established in 1989, My Mechanic is a homegrown Houston automotive repair firm.

Whether you’re partial to Pontiac or rev up a Range Rover each day, My Mechanic’s ASE certified mechanics can fix any car on the road and continually brush up on their skills with more than a month’s equivalent of training classes each year

“That’s the unique thing about us,” observes Guttman.  “We have to hire a higher level of technician than anybody else because when you come in for a belt replacement or alignment, our price might not be the lowest, but you have the comfort of knowing if the job turns out to be more complicated we can handle it.”

Whether your car repair involves a brake job, “check engine” diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, electrical problems, an oil leak or even engine replacements, you’ll drive away knowing that My Mechanic did it right.

With courtesy shuttles to taxi you to and from your home or office, and a customer service policy that allows you to speak with the same service advisor throughout the entire process, turnaround time is often far faster than your dealer’s or the nearby competition. Guttman adds, “We can speed up the parts process better than a dealer can because our sources and access to parts are more efficient.”

Devoted not only to his work but to his family and faith, Guttman confesses, “I love the people I work with. It’s a profession that’s always been looked down upon and we do our best to try and provide the customer with a reason to look up to us. When that happens our staff feels like they’re at a level that’s greater than where they’ve been before and that’s important for people to feel that sense of accomplishment.”

“I want My Mechanic to be considered the number one ranked company in Houston with 100 or fewer employees.”

It’s a goal that both his employees and customers have no doubt he’ll achieve in short order as well.





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